T2 Robotics LLC, is a company that engages in Early Robotics and UAVs Education Services and Research.

Children, parents, and educators come to:

  • Build curiosity and excitement for hands on learning
  • Demystify complex technology
  • Access an effective way to introduce programming to youth
  • Develop highly useful skills for future competitive advantage
  • Grow confidence and team building skills
  • Engage in competitive innovation


We design and build many robotic configurations to test form and intended

We teach basic engineering principles though structured lessons.

We introduce analytical robotics and the use of sensors and controllers to solve engineering problems in innovative ways.

We use programming and logic to command our robots and UAVs in Lab view EV3, Scratch, and Python.

We engage in internal and external competitive learning challenges such First Lego League, World Robotics Olympiad.

Our Philosophy

Envision it. Engineer it. Make it work!

Robotics is at the forefront of technology. It is our mission to influence and inspire the next generation of engineers. Creative play is the first step toward innovation. We seek to provide education and critical thinking, as well as sportsmanship and interpersonal skills. We are not simply growing young minds, we are molding the future.