Virtual Fall Classes

Join our global network of students, who are learning the high in-demand skills through hands-on learning

Analytical Ev3

Experience the best Hands-on learning with our experts in the industry.

This is a STEM Education Curriculum Series for K-12 Schools ( with Live Instructor )

Only Saturdays !!

Analytical Ev3

Experience the best Hands-on learning with our experts in the industry.

This is a STEM Education Curriculum Series for K-12 Schools  ( Self-paced )





Strat your Journey to obtaining your Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA.

Like it or not, if your drone weighs more than 0.55 lbs at take-off, you need to have an FAA registration number attached to the craft.

vision for the future

about our philosophy

Technology keeps evolving and the education system seems to be at a stand still. These are changing times and we must adapt our approach to further enhance our children’s learning abilities.


Envision it.

Engineer it.

Make it Work.

About Us

T2 Robotics LLC, is a company that engages in Early Robotics and UAVs Education Services and Research.

Children, parents, and educators come to:

  • Build curiosity and excitement for hands on learning
  • Demystify complex technology
  • Access an effective way to introduce programming to youth
  • Develop highly useful skills for future competitive advantage
  • Grow confidence and team building skills
  • Engage in competitive innovation

Our Program

  • We design and build many robotic configurations to test form and intended function.
  • We teach basic engineering principles though structured lessons.
  • We introduce analytical robotics and the use of sensors and controllers to solve engineering problems in innovative ways.
  • We use programming and logic to command our robots and UAVs in Lab view EV3, Scratch, and Python.
  • We engage in internal and external competitive learning challenges such First Lego League, World Robotics Olympiad.

Virtual Fall Classes

Your child comes to build a broad range of robotic configurations, then program and command the robot to explore, conduct experiments, and use innovative engineering design processes while learning and applying the latest technologies- self-driving cars,drones, biomedical, sports, performing Arts,and so on…

Starting on


October 2020

Our Partners

Our Camps.

Our students are sure to become engineers of the future.


Robotics Concepts

We help your child have  a beginner level understanding and gain the ability to focus on small details while documenting his work.

We take full pride in transforming the next generation of technologists. 

We have collaborated with over 25 cities in the United States and have expanded in African and South American countries.

We believe that every child deserves to be creative and have fun while learning engineering concepts. 

We have collaborated with schools all around the world; training teachers and providing curriculums. 

Dr Tani Tambila

Founder & CEO

Founder of TSquared Robotics LLC, U.S.A

Tani has over 20+ years in Semiconductors Industry. In addition, an extensive
technical experience, expertise in Industrial Automation, Multi-platform Robotics & UAVs design; Programing for Operation Research, Operations Management, and Statistical Process Control.

Tani is the Founder of T2 Robotics USA, an enterprise that focuses on demystifying engineering, mathematics, physics, technology, science and art (STEAM), so that young ones can use engineering concepts and language through play to make things, and consequently grow to be great engineers, building robot aircraft models without being intimidated.

Tani now works across states in  USA and in Africa; with schools; communities and private entities. He is expanding the Competency based robotics program and services, designed to teach basic engineering principles though structured lessons from Pre-K up to K16; in order to develop highly useful skills, demystify complex technologies, grow confidence and engage students in competitive innovations.

Learn How to Make Your Own Drones

Drones are  becoming an essential part of life.

Learning and understanding the latest technology should be an important part of the syllabus in all schools.We believe that education should be focused solely on the student , not the other way around.