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Experience the best Hands-on learning with our experts in the industry.

This is a STEM Education Curriculum Series for K-12 Schools (Live Instructor, Self-Paced)

UAs Classes

(Unmanned Aircraft System)



  • Part A
  • Part B : Scratch for Drone


  • Part A
  • Part B : Python for Drone


  • Part A
  • Part B : FAA 107

What we do.

Our students are sure to become engineers of the future.


Robotics Concepts

We help your child have a beginner-level understanding and gain the ability to focus on small details while documenting his work.

We take full pride in transforming the next generation of technologists. 

We have collaborated with over 25 cities in the United States and have expanded in African and South American countries.

We believe that every child deserves to be creative and have fun while learning engineering concepts. 

We have collaborated with schools all around the world; training teachers and providing curriculums. 

Learn How to Make Your Own Drones

Drones are becoming an essential part of life.

Learning and understanding the latest technology should be an important part of the syllabus in all schools. We believe that education should be focused solely on the student, not the other way around.