Fall (Oct - Nov) Robotics Classes 2021

3 - 5 yrs old

Pre-k Robotics

In this class, our pre-schoolers are inspired and motivated in different ways to learn via hands-on. They build elaborate objects, structures, and vehicles

6 - 12 yrs old


This class builds curiosity and excitement through hands-on learning. We teach the building blocks of a range of robotic configurations demystifying the complexity of technology.

13 - 18 yrs old

Robotics 4 Teens

We introduce data logging, the statistical prodigies of exploiting  the large data sets on EV3 and enhanced human-machine interfaces and sensor technologies in bringing to life

19 - 99 yrs old

Analytical Robotics

In this class, your curiosity and excitement are stimulated through this hands-on activity; inspired and motivated in different ways, and fun. You build elaborate objects, structures and mediums;

Sylvain Mudahinyuka

Focal Person Rwanda

Teachers Training

STEM teachers teach subjects in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and the many variations within these areas. The demand for people skilled in STEM subjects is continually on the rise.

K-12 Program

Structured Lessons meant to start to start with the 2021 academic year

UAs Program

Whether you're a new drone pilot or have years of experience, rules and safety tips exist to help you fly safely in the national airspace

Degree Program

Certificate Program, Diploma Program, Degree Program

June - July

CEO's Workshop Visit

June 23 - July 10

Robotics Exhibition

Wed-Fri-Sat (3 Sessions daily)

Tournament Prep (2nd - 6th)

To be announced (Time)


Summer Camps (Mon - Fri)

08:00am – 3:00pm

Weekend Classes at KPL

2 Sessions per Week

7-9 DEC

San Francisco, California

SemiCon West Conference

09:00am – 3:00pm

GS Kampanga.

28 June - 04 July

GS Kampanga is a newly created modern type of school with top notch Smart Classrooms and is located in the Northern region of the country.

Kigali Public Library

02 June - 10 July