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Isaac Karanja

Operations Manager Kenya

Operations in Kenya

Robotics is a rising spectacle within Kenya with many parents and students alike now learning about the subject and its value to society.

Few schools that would like to maintain a competitive edge are trying to adopt Robotics either as a co-curricular activity or a program to inculcate into their curriculums.

The degree on Robotics is also slowly been recognized on the society and Robotics training for trainers is also a growing field.

However, the Kenyan society is still strongly conservative and a lot needs to be done to sensitize for a larger uptake.

February - July

Teachers Training



Limuru International School
Milbrook International School



Village Market

Tournament (28th)

San Antonio, Texas

7-9 DEC

San Francisco, California

SemiCon West Conference

09:00am – 3:00pm

Two activation weekends at The Village Market for the T2 program to sensitize the Kenya society on its presence and its potential growth impact for students.

The Rosslyn Valley Trial will proceed as the trainers recruit more participants and institutions.

More demos will be conducted in schools we're trying to pursue


We believe that every child deserves to be creative and have fun while learning engineering concepts.