Fall Robotics Classes (coming soon)

3 - 5 yrs old

Pre-k Robotics

In this class, our pre-schoolers are inspired and motivated in different ways to learn via hands-on. They build elaborate objects, structures, and vehicles

6 - 12 yrs old


This class builds curiosity and excitement through hands-on learning. We teach the building blocks of a range of robotic configurations demystifying the complexity of technology.

@ Village Market

Operations in Kenya

Robotics is a rising spectacle within Kenya with many parents and students alike now learning about the subject and its value to society.

Few schools that would like to maintain a competitive edge are trying to adopt Robotics either as a co-curricular activity or a program to inculcate into their curriculums.

The degree on Robotics is also slowly been recognized on the society and Robotics training for trainers is also a growing field.

However, the Kenyan society is still strongly conservative and a lot needs to be done to sensitize for a larger uptake.