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We strive to provide the highest quality education, bridging your student's success with the well-formed infrastructure of knowledge and resources.

Teachers and schools

 It is important that schools have an ample amount of teachers who are experts in STEM, and these subjects should always be considered as high-demand subjects. Teachers who follow an alternative route to teacher certification are at an advantage to teach in a STEM field if they majored in one, or are transitioning from a STEM-related career.

 If you are interested in becoming a teacher and you have studied chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, engineering, or any other STEM subject, you will be a great asset to your school.

Since administrators set the tone for schools and entire districts, it’s important that you care about advancing STEM awareness and proficiency too.

Our Services

This technology is becoming more widespread every day, and our lack of proper education on the subject leaves many behind on how it works.

If you are working with students and you want to introduce Robotics to your class or you want to mentor an FLL team, but you are insecure about your technical knowledge in the Robotics field, then this is the right place for you. Having in mind teachers’ busy schedule, we have design two different schedules and added an option to design one just for you

We will give you step-by-step instructions and plenty of explanations concerning the programming and engineering aspects of the material. You will be able to go through the material both on your own at your own pace and in a small group with a professional instructor. Then you can practice the new knowledge and skills with multiple tasks with different difficulty.


Scientific Terminology

Here we cover science, technology, and engineering essentials. We also look at Art, Agriculture, and Mathematics essentials.


Analytical Robotics EV3 Assessment

We encounter the fundamental electronic components while navigating the EV3 canvas, the programming environment.

We learn of motors & sensors and EV3 pallets and blocks.



Here we describe what happens when a certain program runs, and describe variables and values in a program. We go over loop switches, and blocks in a program and the intended goal. Last but not least, we implement what have learned in Real-world challenges.

Our Certified Trainers