Face to Face, Via Zoom with a live instructor,
online in a classic classroom and self-paced

Our Robotics classes offer your child the opportunity to understand the relationship between Math, technology, and sciences.

Virtual Tech Classes

Pre-k Robotics

In this course, kids are inspired and motivated in different ways to learn hands-on.

They build elaborate objects; structures and vehicles; explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics that enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Throughout the class they learn to collaborate when identifying pieces, posing questions, or assisting each other.

We ignite your child’s interest in STEM most fascinating field of today Robotics

Beginners Robotics

This course builds curiosity and excitement for hands-on learning. We teach the building blocks of a range
of robotic configurations demystifying complex technology.

Students get to build and attach to their
robots, simple machines, end effectors; Early Engineering concepts like gear systems, force-torque
the trade-off, motion pattern, walking, off-center rotation, are applied in fun, simple, and innovative ways
while they command their robots to perform common tasks using motors, sensors, and controllers.

We ignite your child’s interest in STEM most fascinating field of today Robotics

Intermediate Robotics

This course covers the fundamental skills required to program the robots for locomotion, sensing,
decision making and multitasking with Mindstorms EV3.

Weekly the students build real world challenge
model of mission inspired cool robots in small teams and engage in innovative use of gears to balance
power and speed of their robot at task; enhance the robot precision and accuracy with the use of sensors;
perform flawless locomotion on different terrains. It is in this course that students develop the skills and
confidence for FLL team challenges.

Advanced Robotics

We introduce data logging, the statistical Process of exploiting the large data sets on EV3, and enhanced
human-machine interfaces, and sensor technologies in bringing to life the start of the robotics application
in self-driving cars, drones, biomedical, sports, performing arts We cover the Core Values, Engineering
Design Process as well as the advanced EV3 programming required to excel in teams for FLL Robotics Competition.

We stress how to optimizes team results with considerations to Safety, Precision Accuracy,
Cost and other design constraints as the team engage in competing to solve a real-world challenge.

It's challenging to stay home but that's why we are here.

We give your child a structured learning system that is going to help them in the long run. Our virtual Fall Classes help the students:

  • Get into a structured schedule
  • Build new skills
  • Bond with friends online
  • Focus on something constructive

In this more hands-on approach, we cover the basics of building simple machines and end effectors motion tests. Also compounding gear systems, transferring power, making part of robots move, walking, off center rotation, and creating lift at a smaller scale.

Our activities

Gear up for a full day of Analytical Robotics EV3 Programming Camp where you get to build/program mission-inspired cool robots in a friendly competitive setting to solve real-world challenges in small teams! Design Robotics architecture and create Mindstorms EV3 programs to control & locomotion on sensing, precision and accuracy with sensors. Gain a good exposure to First Lego League (FLL) style missions with EDP, in friendly competition. Use an analytical data-driven approach to improve robot performances in innovative ways. Come and Envision it, engineer it, and Make it work with us this summer with Tsquared Robotics.


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