Students: Ages 18 and Above


Category: Robotics


The field of robotics has grown significantly in the last decade and continues to do so at an accelerating rate.  Robots were, until very recently, in the hands of a few specialists, but are increasingly moving into the mainstream.  Household robots, prosthetic limbs, robotic cars, assistive care robots, and search and rescue robots are all becoming a part of our lives. Robots for exploration, monitoring, maintenance, and advanced manufacturing are shaping our economy and society. 

T2 Robotics is at the forefront of this exciting transformation.

 The Degree program prepares students for careers in industry, research laboratories, or universities.

The program includes core areas of robotics, including actuation, locomotion, manipulation, dynamics, control, sensing, artificial intelligence, and human/robot interactions.

Course Outline: PART A

The Art and Science of Robotics

Module 1 Your Background
Unit 1 Basics of Dynamics
Unit 2 Matter Mixture
Unit 3 Electricity
Unit 4 Vision and Light spectrum
Module 2 Introduction Robot Electronics The Arduiono R3
Unit 1 Blink and LED
Unit 2 Digital input & Active Buzzer
Unit 3 Eight LED with 74HC595 & Photocell  - Preview
Unit 4 The Serial Monitor
Module 3 Introduction Scope View & Perspective of Robotics
Unit 1 The AI View of Robotics  - Preview
Unit 2 Building block Approach  - Preview
Unit 3 Robot Builder’s mindset
Unit 4 A myth about Background
Module 4 PART I: Anatomy of Robot
Unit 1 What is a robot and why build it
Unit 2 Mobility
Unit 3 Autonomy
Unit 4 EV3 Challenge
Module 5 PART II: Anatomy of Robot
Unit 1 Locomotion
Unit 2 Power
Unit 3 Sensing and output devices
Unit 4 Your DIY challenge
Module 6 Relevant skills
Unit 1 Mechanical References
Unit 2 Electronics
Unit 3 Programming
Unit 4 AI
Module 7 Applications
Unit 1 Flame Challenge
Unit 2 Smoke Challenge
Unit 3 Dangerous gas challenge
Unit 4 Heat Challenge