This course introduces the learner  to fundamentals of  simple machines and mechanisms that make robots function in a more coordinated way and achieve perfection in completing basic tasks that they are designed and built to do. This course is broken into six Modules to be covered in twenty four Units. Students will learn a simple machine in each week for three weeks and then end the Modules with  a fourth Unit that reflects on the past  three machines. In  each Module the students are challenged to develop hands-on  building techniques for simple mechanisms  or machines that expose them to early engineering concepts such as:: Meshing gears, compound gear systems, changing rotational direction , moving without wheel, walking, Off center rotation, flapping wings and many more! 

Module 1 Module One
Unit 1 Understanding Gear Train
Unit 2 Understanding a Piston
Unit 3 The Concept of gears vs pulley in power transfer
Unit 4 Show & Tell
Module 2 Module Two
Unit 1 Gearing up or down
Unit 2 Understanding Bevel Gears: Cultivating Tractor
Unit 3 Building a pump
Unit 4 Show & Tell
Module 3 Module Three
Unit 1 Simple CAM system
Unit 2 One phase Simple CAM system
Unit 3 Compounding gears ratios
Unit 4 Show & Tell
Module 4 Module Four
Unit 1 Understanding the use of Worm Gears
Unit 2 Orthogonal drilling
Unit 3 Compounding gears mixed with pulleys
Unit 4 Show & Tell
Module 5 Module 5
Unit 1 Simple angular Pendulum
Unit 2 Intermittent Motion
Unit 3 Vertical drilling
Unit 4 Show & Tell
Module 6 Module 6
Unit 1 Racking Mechanism
Unit 2 Mixing gears with CAM
Unit 3 Understanding Transmission
Unit 4 Show & Tell