Module 1 Scientific Terminology
Unit 1 Science Essentials
Unit 2 Technology Essentials
Unit 3 Engineering Essentials
Unit 4 Art, Agriculture Essentials
Unit 5 Mathematics Essentials
Module 2 Fundamentals
Unit 1 Energy type and transfer  - Preview
Unit 2 Matter Mixture, Change in state
Unit 3 Basics of Dynamics
Unit 4 Electricity
Unit 5 Vision and Light spectrum
Module 3 Workshop 1
Unit 1 Fundamentals electronics components (10)  - Preview
Unit 2 Navigating the EV3 Canvas, Programming Environment
Unit 3 Motors and Sensors & EV3 pallets & blocks
Unit 4 Components Gears, Beams Axles & Connectors
Unit 5 Bring it all together
Module 4 Analytical Robotics EV3 Assessment
Unit 1 Build and upload a gripper (w11)  - Preview
Unit 2 Build and upload a 3 way valve (w12)
Unit 3 Build and upload the application of a worm gear (w13)
Unit 4 Build and upload a double pump (w14)
Unit 5 Build and upload a Cultivator (w15)
Module 5 Workshop II Programming!
Unit 1 Locomotion W21.EV3
Unit 2 Sensing open loop W22.EV3
Unit 3 Sensing Closed Look W23.EV3
Unit 4 Multitasking W24.EV3
Unit 5 Data Wire & Logging W25.EV3
Module 6 Troubleshooting
Unit 1 Describing what happens when a particular program runs
Unit 2 Describing variables and values in a program
Unit 3 Describing The ports and the component connection in a program, (motors & sensors)
Unit 4 Describing Loops Switches, and blocks in a program and the intended goal
Unit 5 Real world challenges (envision it, engineer it, make it work and upload and share it)