Module 1 Safety First
Unit 1 Tools Safety
Unit 2 Builder Safety
Unit 3 Community Safety (moral)
Unit 4 Robot Safety (cost)
Module 2 Basic Tools
Unit 1 Screws Nuts Fasteners and adhesives
Unit 2 Soldering and Welding
Unit 3 Drilling and Cutting
Unit 4 Air Tools and Portable Power Tools
Module 3 Mechanical Construction Techniques
Unit 1 Working with Wood
Unit 2 Working with Plastics
Unit 3 Working with Metals
Unit 4 Working with Composites
Module 4 Robot Assembly Techniques
Unit 1 Rapid prototyping (3D printing)
Unit 2 Laser Cutting Drafting part in Inkscape
Unit 3 Assembling Robot from Toys
Unit 4 Assembling robots from part found around
Module 5 Power Motors and Locomotion
Unit 1 Performance criteria’s
Unit 2 Power
Unit 3 Motor
Unit 4 Locomotion style
Module 6 End effectors
Unit 1 Working with Wheel and thread
Unit 2 Working with Legs
Unit 3 Working with Arms
Unit 4 Working with Gripper