STEM Education for Public and Private schools.

We are providing curriculum with all the tools needed to apply into STEM education.


An elective is chosen as per the interest and passion of the student so that they are able to acquire and showcase their talent and interest in a particular field.

Robotics as an elective will provide active skills via project-based learning, encouraging students to delve farther into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics subjects, beyond the usual recalling information for quizzes, tests or exams.


Program Options

A school can sign up for Robotics in any of the methods listed below. Since each school is unique, we try to make changes to fit each school.


Robotics as an Elective in School


Robotics Competitive Clubs to compete Internationally in:

  • FLL
  • WRO


Robotics Boot Camps offered at the School Locations during Holidays


Home School Networks

  • Electives
  • Competitive clubs
  • Boot Camps all available.

& For Beginners

In this Beginner’s elective, the students are inspired and motivated in different ways to learn hands-on. They build elaborate objects, structures and vehicles, explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics that enhance their problem solving and critical thinking

Early Engineering concepts like: gear systems, force -torque trade off, motion pattern walking, off-center rotation, are applied in a fun simple and innovative ways while they command their robots to perform common tasks using motors, sensors and controllers.

We ignite your child’s interest in STEM, the
most fascinating field of learning today,
the Robotics.


We cover the fundamental skills required to program for locomotion, sensing, decision-making and multitasking with Mindstorms EV3.

Weekly, the students build real world challenge model of mission inspired cool robots in small teams and engage in innovative use of gears to balance power and speed of their robot at task; enhance the robot precision and accuracy with the use of sensors to perform flawless locomotion on
different terrains.

It is in this course that students develop the skills and confidence for FLL team challenges.


We introduce data logging, analytics and the statistical process of exploiting the large data sets on EV3 and enhanced human-machine interfaces as machine learning.

We use advanced sensing technologies to envision
engineer and bring to life robots that Robotics power( self-driving cars,drones,biomedical, sports, performing arts).

We cover the Core values, Engineering Design process as well as the advanced EV3 programming.